3D Scanning

Need something 3D scanned? We would be happy to scan your items for you! We possess commercial-grade technology to scan in extremely high detail in order to help make your creative dream a reality!
What's the process? Its easy!
Email us at craniacstudiosllc@gmail.com with "3D SCANNING" in the subject line.
We ask that customers provide several images of the item from multiple angles so that we can see as much detail as possible. We also ask the customer to kindly include size reference photo of the item that is to be scanned so that we can have a general idea of the size. 
Once we have a clear understanding of what it is you would like for us to scan, we will make the determination of whether we possess the ability to scan your item proficiently, depending on your requirements. Once an agreement is made regarding the price and expectation of the project, the customer will then ship the item to the address provided. 
Once the item is received by our team, we will provide the customer with confirmation that their item is safely in our possession and include a description of the item's condition in case it was damaged during the shipping process. If all is well, the customer will provide the full payment that is agreed upon prior to any services to be performed. Once the payment is made, we will 3D scan the item for the customer and provide images of the render as soon as possible. This process should not take more than a couple of days, one week at most, depending on the current workload. Customers are always welcome to check the status of their order at any time.
3D scanning orders will be serviced in the order that they are received.

When clients order 3D Scanning, they are entitled to one physical sculpt in a size of the customer's choice in 1:18, 1:12, 1:10, 1:9, 1:8, 1:6, and 1:4 scale. As well as the STL file of their scanned item that will be emailed to them. All additional printed copies will be purchased at a price as if they were ordered from the website catalog. All payments are made in full and up front.
Payments are primarily made through PayPal. We ask that our customers either use the Friends and Family option or send a few extra dollars to cover the Goods and Services fees. We do not pay the fees and only service clients once 100% of the payment is made.
After the scanning process in complete, the product will be 3D printed and shown to the customer for approval of the physical object. After the onject has been approved, and the customer has been sent the STL file for their project in their email, the Craniac Studios team will ship the physical product and the customer's item back to the customer at the customer's expense, at the price agreed upon prior to accepting the project.
Craniac Studios reserves the right to profit from our work in any way we see fit. This means that we may add your item to our catalog for others to purchase. However, exceptions can be made at the request of the customer.
Craniac Studios reserves the right to deny service to anyone for any reason.
Please contact us for more information!